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Identify Stroke Symptoms and act Fast

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Contact Hospital and notify for patient arrival. Avail hospital services.

Identify Stroke, Think B.E.F.A.S.T

Be aware of the symptoms, as immediate action can save life



Sudden loss of body balance



Trouble seeing out in one or both eyes



Sudden drooping of the Face



Weakness and freezing of Arm



Slurring of the Speech



Rush to stroke ready hospital

How to recognise a stroke - SPOT A STROKE


  • B - Sudden dizziness , loss of Balance or coordination.
  • E - Sudden trouble seeing out of one or both Eyes.
  • F - Facial Asymmetry on Talking/ Smiling.
  • A - Arm drift in spread out position
  • S - Impaired or slurred Speech or difficulty in expressing or understanding language.
  • T - Time to act fast

2. Some strokes may not be identified by BEFAST some other symptoms may also indicate a stroke. These symptoms include:

  • a. Sudden onset loss of consciousness.
  • b. Sudden onset bursting headache and vomiting.
  • c. Sudden onset Loss of Memory.
  • d. Sudden onset hearing loss.

Types of STROKE

1. Ischemic Stroke (80-85%)

Blockage of vessels leading to reduced blood flow and cell death.

2. Haemorrhagic Stroke (15-20%)

Rupture of blood vessels leading to spillage in brain or CSF spaces.

Time is BRAIN

●   Once ischemic stroke strikes, a core of brain cells die (called as infarct). Around this core is a Penumbra of nerves that continues to be dysfunctional but alive due to blood from surrounding vessels called collaterals. This area is called as the penumbra and may be salvaged by quickly opening (recanalizing) the diseased vessel.

●   Opening (recanalizing) the vessel can save/ salvage the penumbral tissues from dying.

●   This recanalization (opening) of the vessel has to occur as early as possible for maximal benefit. There is no benefit beyond the time termed as Golden Hours.

Golden Hours for Intravenous Thrombolysis = 4.5 hours (drug given in vein)

Golden Hours for Thrombectomy= 6 hours (6-24 hours in selective patients) (Angiographic pulling or Sucking out the clot)

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